What Is Is Is

My boob gets in the way
So, I’m living it slanted
Off to the side. I feel it.
Left, right, marks, kills
Do you feel it too?
Picking it up off the ground
Only slaves will stoop.
The harmonica moves Kharma
Do you see the cat in that?
In a circular motion again
That buzzing sound exciting
Just another trip on the train
You could say that text
Not the dormant kind
Electronic connections
Short term communion
I wanna know all that was said
Inside I’m screaming
I must not make a rhyme with
dreaming, creaming
That would play out so juvenile
Like the poet’s rules
The tensity in my arm
Tired from intense thrusts
Keep moving and the truth
What is is is!
Looking doesn’t see
Fear doesn’t dream
Listen to reality.


Hate This Job!

I hate this job
Everything’s broken
and nobody wants to fix it

I hate this job
Everything’s dirty
and nobody wants to clean it

I hate this job
Nobody does a thing
and I’m picking up other people’s shit

I hate this job
Everything’s wrong
and nobody wants to teach me

I hate this job
Nobody’s in charge
and everyone’s blaming me

I hate this job
Everybody’s bonding
and I’m not in the loop

I hate this job
Nobody’s joining me
so I’ll just smoke my dope

Screw this job
I’ll get another
Find some place that makes me happy

Screw this job
I’ll get another
Until then… got any money?

Top 10 Celebrities (who have appeared in my dreams)

I am a vivid dreamer, and I remember most of what I dream. Turns out celebrities like to hang out with me when I am asleep.  Is this a product of my subconscious or do they have some technology that the rest of us don’t have access to?

10. Donnie Wahlberg

He was my first. The first famous person to appear in my dreams that is. I was in grade 5 or 6, and even though Joey was my favourite, it was Donnie who appeared to me.  He and some other guys were dressed up in tuxedos and were getting into a really nice car. Nothing exciting happened.

9. Blake Shelton

He was my most recent. I am in some type of club setting and Blake and I are flirting with each other. An ex girlfriend/wife of his pulls me aside to inform me that I am to stay away from Blake as SHE owns him.

8. Paul Simon

Sometimes actors appear in my dreams because of the show I am watching.  But this one came out of no where.  Paul was nothing but a gentleman and was quite sweet. We had a couple of dates and I was sweet on him too.

7. Zachary Quinto

While binge-watching Heroes 7 years ago Zachary and I fell in love.  Well we did in my dreams anyway. And by falling in love I mean we made it, a lot!  Was I surprised to later find out that he was gay? To say the least!

6. Britney Spears

I am attending a camp in the woods somewhere, surrounded by other celebrities.  This was a huge gathering of at least 100 of the younger celebrities.  I recognized many of them but couldn’t tell you who else was there but Britney Spears.  We were friends and she was sweet and vulnerable.

5. Donald Glover

While binge-watching Community, Troy and I developed a relationship.  Not Donald, just Troy. But he’s not the only cast member to make an appearance.  keep reading

4. Michael C. Hall

How could I publish this and forget to put you in here? Dexter is repeat offender of breaking my heart. I fell in love, HARD. He was the best of all the ones I’ve dated in the other-world.

3. Tyra Banks

I have dreams where I am a model… A LOT!  Most often I am on a competition like America’s Next Top Model.  So, of course the main star would have to appear in this dream too. Tyra is a fierce judge, but always supportive and not afraid to come back stage and just have a conversation.

2.  Justin Timberlake

My longest running celeb cameo artist is JT. It started in 1998 with a simple kiss on a bench and has gone on with more intimate relations regularly since then.  Well that is, up until the last year or so.  As soon as I started to question his motives he stopped appearing.

1.  Barak Obama

The first politician to appear in my dreams is the biggest celebrity of them all: Barak! He was sitting on an old couch, slouched way back, arms out on the back of the couch, looking SUPER chill.

Honourable Mentions:
(There are way too many to remember or mention in such a short list)
Jason Segel, Wil Wheaton, James Franco, Dani Pudi, Jeff Lewis, Colin Ferguson, Anders Holm

: giving up god for lent :

An honest personal look into the God question

the whirly girl

Why not candy, like a normal person? Or liquor or swearing or Facebook, something ordinary and reasonable? Well, I considered that route, but no. This year, I picked God.


The whole religion thing is a quandary for me. I go back and forth, round and round. One day, oh, there’s a God, all right; He’s trying to kill me. The next, nah, there’s no God. The day after that, who cares, where’re the Cheetos? And so it goes.

I can’t reach a firm, lasting decision and I’ve no solid conviction either way. I’m not a believer. I’m not a non-believer. I’m not even a wait-and-seer. What I am, I suppose, is a ditherer. And I blame Santa Claus. As well as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Mary Poppins, the whole bunch. They were all phonies.

Santa was simply the tip of the iceberg. When he…

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The clouds are rolling in and the darkness begins…

Where once stood wells
Brimming with sorrow
Feeding the community that is me
Now stands anger
Solid walls of protection
A pyramid of intimidation

From these pores aggression now spews
Teeth biting – Hair pulling need
to rip, reck, pound, pulverize
To drip sweat, physical overdrive

Driven by the chemical in my veins
feel no control over the reins

Patience is a purring kitty
Action is a tractor that
rolled over and pureed
that peace of meat on
its path of Total DESTRUCTION!

Reoccurring Dream #3 – Travel from Moncton to Miramichi

Although this 150km route takes an hour and a half by car, I can make it in 5 hours by walking… in dream time that is.  In real life, the walk would take 27 hours!

So it’s always from Moncton to Miramichi, never the other way around. In this dream I live in Moncton and my hometown is Miramichi, with both my parents still living there.  I am often angry and/or frustrated for this trip, as I’d rather have a drive. But partly due to my thick-headed-ness that I say screw it, I’m walking there myself.

I am often walking in barefeet or sockfeet for the trek.  I know that this will not be ideal, but the whole trip is not ideal and best just to get it started, since it’s going to take so long and I know it will be tiring.  At this point in the dream I sometimes even know that this is one of those Moncton-to-Miramichi dreams and that this will be long and tiring.  Sometimes I think that I should just wake up, other times I don’t feel like I have such a choice.

This is often an add on to other reoccurring dreams.  It is often during Escape dreams that I will end with this trip.  Sometimes at the end of my Packing dreams, I will take my belongings on a scooter with me.  As in like a kid’s scooter.  Not very conducive to carrying  supplies but this is just another thing for me to bear…

Reoccurring Dream #2 – Packing

it is the last day of your tenancy in your apartment.  Somehow, you forgot to pack.  You are not prepared.  You have no boxes, no way to pack so you just start throwing things into garbage bags.  There is way more in your apartment then you originally thought.  There is no time to decide what to keep and what to throw, everything has to go into the bags.  The landlord is coming down the hallway any minute now.

Oh, and just before you finish this apartment, do you remember that apartment that you moved out of last year?  Well you left a bunch of stuff there and now is your only opportunity to go get it.  Hurry!

and repeat….