Stories you didn’t know were in the Bible – Episode 1

So these 4 handsome angels ascend from heaven in a sparkly dust, wearing only their wings. With one set of wings they fly and with the other set they cover their bodies. But, every now and then you get a little sneaky peak and it looks like a man’s hand underneath those wings! But really, are they men at all?  Instead of feet they have hooves, and instead of 1 head, they each have 4. One is a man, one is a lion, another an eagle and the last a goat. Each faces in a different direction. See this pic or this pic.  The 4 Cherubim always move in unison and always with their wings touching each other.  As they fly up and down it is noticeable that they all have a wheel at their “feet”.  And we are not talking about some sort of old school wooden wheel… we are talking Pimp My Ride sweet rims that keep spinning even if they are still.  In fact, they are spinning so much that they are creating sparks!

Of course, this was all in a vision had by Ezekiel.  Yes, Ezekiel.  Not all “great vengeance and furious anger” after all.  Some even see this event as much more sci-fi as in these depictions here and here.  But the funniest has to be this.

Stay tuned for more stories you didn’t know were in the bible, as told by RealBobbi.


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