What Is Is Is

My boob gets in the way
So, I’m living it slanted
Off to the side. I feel it.
Left, right, marks, kills
Do you feel it too?
Picking it up off the ground
Only slaves will stoop.
The harmonica moves Kharma
Do you see the cat in that?
In a circular motion again
That buzzing sound exciting
Just another trip on the train
You could say that text
Not the dormant kind
Electronic connections
Short term communion
I wanna know all that was said
Inside I’m screaming
I must not make a rhyme with
dreaming, creaming
That would play out so juvenile
Like the poet’s rules
The tensity in my arm
Tired from intense thrusts
Keep moving and the truth
What is is is!
Looking doesn’t see
Fear doesn’t dream
Listen to reality.


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