Reoccurring Dream #3 – Travel from Moncton to Miramichi

Although this 150km route takes an hour and a half by car, I can make it in 5 hours by walking… in dream time that is.  In real life, the walk would take 27 hours!

So it’s always from Moncton to Miramichi, never the other way around. In this dream I live in Moncton and my hometown is Miramichi, with both my parents still living there.  I am often angry and/or frustrated for this trip, as I’d rather have a drive. But partly due to my thick-headed-ness that I say screw it, I’m walking there myself.

I am often walking in barefeet or sockfeet for the trek.  I know that this will not be ideal, but the whole trip is not ideal and best just to get it started, since it’s going to take so long and I know it will be tiring.  At this point in the dream I sometimes even know that this is one of those Moncton-to-Miramichi dreams and that this will be long and tiring.  Sometimes I think that I should just wake up, other times I don’t feel like I have such a choice.

This is often an add on to other reoccurring dreams.  It is often during Escape dreams that I will end with this trip.  Sometimes at the end of my Packing dreams, I will take my belongings on a scooter with me.  As in like a kid’s scooter.  Not very conducive to carrying  supplies but this is just another thing for me to bear…


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