What oh What to do with All This SNOW

Standing outside waiting for a bus that is 40 minutes late in Canada can be pretty damn horrible. But to find out that it is because the buses are getting stuck in the snow on the curbs just added to my frustration. It seems that my canadian city doesn’t know what to do with itself in the winter. Sounds like a bad canadian joke eh?

Many places in North America are covered in snow right now as we’ve had storm after storm in the last few weeks.  Even though this isn’t the first winter or snow storm any of these parts have seen, it seems that we still don’t know what to do with all this white stuff.  As we keep pushing it into what corners are available in our parking lots , we wonder what to do with all this snow… in this huge pile… with a 45 degree angle on one side.

The answer lies within the mind of a child.  Or at least the part of my younger self that still lives within me.

You have probably already guess my answer.  Somewhere inside of you is your childhood self screaming to get your ski-do suit on and go out and slide on that thing!  Until the sun comes down!

Too much snow and no ability to travel on the road has never been a problem for kids.  Growing up on the east coast of Canada we used snow for everything it had to offer us.  A plowed driveway didn’t mean time to drive, but time to go sledding! But even if there wasn’t a man-made hill, we would just use the natural hills around us and the new conditions for our own delight.

With all the snow caves and snow men and snowy slope ideas we came up with as 10 year old, you’d think a whole city or country could come up with something even better! The Mind of a Child is the SOLUTION!

Why not take all of the snow we build up and have some fun with it? I’d like to see a giant snow pile in the city centre converted into an awesome sledding zone. Or an impromptu skiing area, bob sled zones or snow boarding areas.  Let the creatives in the community transform that block of snow into an amazing sculpture or snow-house! These are ideas from just one creative mind, so you could imagine the solutions that could easily be created if we ALL put our minds together.

Every winter you can hear complaints about this whole SNOW thing.

Every winter I’d like to offer the Snow Festival solution.


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