Sucking/eating a bag/bowl/barrel/bucket of dicks

funny, and using words outside of the norm.

Strong Language

Louis CK is such a great comedian that he can make a strong bit out of the smallest thing: a jar of duck vaginas, an imagined confrontation with a neighbor, or a suggestion from a stranger. I’m thinking of Louis’ bit about being told to “suck a bag of dicks.” Louis marvels at this wonderful idiom (“A whole bag of ’em!) while absurdly speculating on how one would go about actually sucking a bag of dicks. Oh, just see for yourself.

When I first heard this bit, it hit me right in the memory bone: I had heard a variation back in the Western New York region about 10 years ago or so. My friend Tricia was fond of proclaiming that someone–a jerk, natch–needed to “eat a bowl of dicks.” Turns out that version is fairly common too. In fact, earlier this year some University of Oregon campus police…

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