All Without Moving

Halfway through this book

Let’s take a look

Let’s see what’s on the other side

of reality

Let’s pull back the curtains and

reveal what needs to be told

In the coming days

and months and years

The words will go on and on

And yes there will be tears

but yet again the sun will beckon

us home

In the graves and in the shifts

In the turbulence and mayhem

The denial of the ages

Becomes a secret no more

No harm to mankind for the

Sake of Jesus

The smell of garbage

and clenched teeth

the sun begs me to come out

Come and play

Come out and get away

Where the trees will embrace me

Where the squirrels will chatter

And the birds will sing my name

Yet here I sit

Pondering, dreaming, planning

Never once leaving the confines

of my brian

My mind, my ego,

my willingness to move

Or not

Sitting here in my shell

Safe from an unsafe world

getting unsafer by the day

I’ve seen it coming for too long

I’ve cried wolf so many times

No one will believe me

And here comes the anxiety

Inside of me, Ripping me,

Filling me, Consuming me,

Tensing me, Consuming me,

Consuming me…

Con…su…ming…. Meeeeeeeeeee!

For a moment there I was away

Away in song, in how I play

But back again in a darkened room

My mind only plays a guilty tune

Forgotten and alone, a child screams for help

The advice she gets is, “Those are the cards you’ve been dealt”.


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