Yahoo! “news” article uses obvious photoshop

Last night as I checked out an article on Yahoo! about a victim of the Aurora shooting, I noticed something odd about the photos. First of all, all of the shots kinda looked the same, so I looked back and forth between photos.  Then I started looking at other details like the hairline and fabric lines.  Around his head is a faint white halo that you can get when you crop someone or when using a green screen.  You will also notice that in the first pic her shirt bleeds into his, as if in front of him, but her arm is behind him?  The close up pic of them 2 “in the theatre” is the best example of what I’m trying to say here, but the other ones just help to add more evidence to my case.  I took some screen shots in case they end up taking it down.


Now the whole reason why I was looking into this is because I was looking for common players in this shooting and the CT shooting.  I didn’t see any common actors but I noticed the photoshop instead.  I question everything and have a keen eye for detail.  Why bother even looking into any of this stuff?  Sometimes reality can really get you down, but I’d rather stay alert than relax into complacency.


Why not see for yourself?  Are there any common “actors” in any mass casualty event in the last 50 years?  Don’t believe the gov’t would hire actors?  This is already proven fact.  The military runs drills all the time using actors in the simulation. There was even a drill practiced not long after the CT shooting at a school, and only the princle knew about it.  Teachers and students were terrified and (rightfully) assumed that they were in grave danger.


Lastly, anyone who says it’s disrespectful to anyone else to question things like this I say:  if you are the person feeling disrespected, and you are a victim of one of these events, PLEASE, tell me.  Unless you are an actual victim, then you are just toting the line IMO. JUSTICE doesn’t worry about offending anyone, it investigates to find the truth and to put the real criminal to trial. It may be unpopular at a funeral to suggest that the teen didn’t commit suicide but was actually killed by his father.  However, if that is a possibility in your mind, with evidence to back it up, then the accused does not deserve respect, and the respectful thing to do for the family is to find the truth out.  Would you rather I wait out the funeral and let the father get away out of respect for the family?  Of course not.  So why is this situation any different?


The Creator

Earth is Dead. The planet that used to be called Earth is a wasteland. Nothing left but robots and fire. But inside one of those robots, is the last known conciousness of man. A former scientist, this man must watch as the world he once knew crumbles around him.
Finally he reaches a laboratory that is mostly intact and begins a new creation. HE
would recreate the world he once lived in…inside of a Petri dish. With only the basic elements left available he begins the world anew with just a few bacteria and the dust and ashes abundantly left in the surrounding areas. There begins a world within a world he calls Earth.
Do we live on a round Earth spiralling through space around a hot star or do we live on a flat Earth with two lights spinning around us? The answer is surprisingly: BOTH!

Escaping the Cult

I am walking the town street during the night and see what look like teenaged or sorority type girls in window up to my right. They start talking to me through the window. They are having some sort of party where all the girls were creating things that were going to be used to raise money for some cause. We are getting along so I get invited in. I thought things were going well. They were partying and creating things to raise money. I wake up the next day realizing they had drugged me. I wake up but pretend I am still drugged. I drag myself around the apartment, bumping in to things with my eyes half open. There are teenaged boys there now, and they laugh at me and make jokes about how drugged I am. Eventually the party moves outside and I see that the yard has only a small wall to it that I could easily jump. On the other side of the wall is a downtown street, with people walking by. Surely, they wouldn’t come after me if I jumped out amongst all the other passers by. I wait until perfect moment and then jmp the short fence and run. This is when I first realize that I’ve dreamt this dream before and know i will see them all again. 8pm – 11am
I’m now in an open area, like an arena, made naturally out of the hillside. Looking down I see many people involved in some sort of competition. I discover that these are the same group of people that the teens were involved with. In attempts to infiltrate the group, and to show that I have balls I pretend I am one of them and compete and I even win. One lead girl teenage girls comes right over to talk to me after the win. I expect anger from her for escaping but instead she takes me under her wing. The other teens don’t like this and don’t trust me. But she thinks I am good for them. 12pm – 2pm.
A second competition is quickly underway and the grand prize is $25,000. This time, for the same team as the teenagers, I compete and I win first prize again. An official looking lady hands me one money note. I wondered what type of bill I would be getting from this strange place and when I looked it was note for $25,000 in Canadian Tire money. This confirms my suspicions about the phoniness of this group. The competitions continue but I begin to walk away, as if not escaping. The lead teenage girl approaches me again in congratulations of my win. I convince her that I am good for their group because I am money hungry, assuring her that I would win everytime. Finally the other teens are approving of me and I am invited to join the group. 2pm – 3pm
I leave the countryside calmly, not wanting to draw any suspicion to myself as I am well aware that the rest of the people in this weird group had no idea who I was. I know have a travelling companion. One of the older teens had figured me out and wanted to leave with me. Through her I learn about the cult that I have just stepped into and out of. Now we are in a hurry to get out this place altogether. 3pm-4:30pm
Exiting the low-lying forest we come along a building that will lead us up to the street level. It is an underground good court. I look at the restaurants on both sides of me as I know I should eat, though we are hurrying and we have no time to eat. From my last trip in this dream i know that the doorway out is at the other end of this complex, on the left up some stairs. As we hurry to the steps I notice an all duck fast food restaurant on our left. I think to myself, “well that’s too bad that me and Dwayne don’t eat meat anymore, cause I would have totally taken him to this spot”. 4:30-4:35pm
At the top of the stairs we are in the middle of a Greek or Italian Restaurant. It is old, dark and dingy. This highway-side restaurant was popular with the locals, though it seemed mostly filled with older people. We pass by the bar with old men drinking bear and hear a family speaking amongst themselves, waiting for a table, as we head toward the door. It is within reach when the Girl I am escaping with insists on going to bathroom. IT is on the door immediately to the right of the exit. I say we don’t have time, but I follow her into the bathroom. It has 3 stalls and one shower. The room is already crowded with children and a few women. One of the women is instructing to was their private parts. About 10 boys and girls aged 2 to 4 are mostly naked and either pooping or washing themselves. One boy is in the show stall with most of the others kids in their bare feet on the tiled floor, furiously scrubbing their front and backs. The children are complaining to me of their sore bums. My heart breaks but I must not give myself away, so I tell them to clean themselves good. My first instinct is that all of these children had just been raped and these women were here to clean them up afterwards. As if reading my thoughts, the same women I heard instructing them to wash turned to me and started to explain their situation. She says that they have merely had a popsicle of ice shoved up their rectums to punish them for their sins. This allowed them to feel a physical pain for the sins that they weren’t aware of doing, and at the same time, not scarring. As we are leaving th restaurant, there are people gathering there for a prom like ceremony with the older children (9-13). We are getting stares from the new and previously mentioned restaurant guests and so we are on the escape again. 4:35-4:45pm
After walking for a half an hour we see that On the right side of the road is another gathering of these cult like people. These ones are dressed all the same, in settler garb, and heading into the field off of the road. I again try to play along, as if I am one of them. I put on a southern accent and ask the people about what they believe in. They all talk passionately about just wanting to live in a small community. Although I am still acting, I actually wholeheartedly agree with them. I follow these people, and the flow of people, going to this large older building. It could be an old barn of sorts, but it is made out of stone with windows. After some time, the crowd begins to disperse and head back toward the road. I see this as my chance to escape yet again. 4:45-5:30pm
When I get back up to the road I am now confronted with a door. I am aware that this doesn’t make sense since I was still outside. As I am about to open up the exit door, the door to my right opens an a horse walks through, followed by a man in uniform. It is obvious that he is security for this clan and I have been caught. He starts yelling to the crowd outside that there is an intruder and that he is going to kill me. I explain to him that there is actually no need because I agreed with the small community too. I say there is no need to kill me because I am one of them. This seems to appease him, he turns and walks out the door to the outside behind me, as I make my next escape through the front door onto the street. 5:30-5:35pm
Since all of the trouble seemed to be happening on this side of the street I cross the street into a large industrial building. It is not finished and there are no wall on the front side of the building. I can see many men sitting around a fire as I approach. Coming through a side door I end up behind these men. Next to the fire is a large stone that looks like it has water collected on the top of it. The men are all laying back in fullness, as if after a great meal. They all have large bellies and are lethargic. Yet they were all bragging about what just happened. I am aware that these are the men who just raped the children. An older man to my left says, “oh man, that got me so hot, my sperm was glistening!” In disgust I turned around to see what the people in the rest of the building we doing. They were all turned away, walking through a large industrial door into the rest of the building. I must escape again. 5:30-6:00pm
Now it is not just me escaping, but an immense group of women and children are running with me in the woods. There is not much time for thinking as we run through the muddy path made by the people in front of us. As I am running I come across stranded children in the path. There is no time to stop so I pick them up one in each arm. They are only toddlers but are not easy to carry. I want them to latch on with their bodies so that I can run better. As I am sprinting I tell them to call me Mommy. They repeat back my name instead. I repeat back with fervor that they need to call me Mommy. They refuse and call me by my name instead. When we finally get out of the woods we are confronted with a road block. Cars, rocks and pieces of wood are piled up, blocking the road from one side to another. The women in front of me have found a way through though and we are all in a line up to crawl through the one space in the wood. It is too small to be able to move very well and it is slow going and frustrating. As I near the exit I begin to hear gunshots to my back. I remember that all those people will die, remembering I’ve dreamt this before and there would be a bus on the other end. I am one of the last to jump onto the back of this partial bus just as it speeds away to safety. I am told by the driver that the cult’s security forces were onto us because my parents had called the police when I didn’t come home the night before. I am informed that if I tell anyone of the specific things I saw that day, that things would only get worse for everyone. 6:00-7:45pm
My journey is almost over and I am grateful for my last escape from the nightmare. As the sun is about to set, we finally reach the outskirts of our own territory we see some teens on the side of the road,on the way out of our territory, raising money. I realize that this was part of this whole system and that the nightmare was not really over.

Having Sex Vs. Making Love (SFW)

I’ve often wondered how a good girl could have sex. It just never sat well in my soul. But the words “making love” always seems too corny to use. Upon further contemplation and inspiration from the Holy Spirit, I feel like I may have found my answer.
Having sex is something that you have, something that you own or got. If you wanted it, but didn’t get it, then your inner whiny self can say, “Why didn’t I get this thing I wanted?!?!” Having it doesn’t include someone else. You can have it with your hand, with a pillow, with a machine or with an animal. You can feel like you got jipped if you didn’t get to have it when everyone else seems to be getting it. You may even feel like you are owed it, from someone, whether they approve or not.
Making love is something that you make, you create. You can’t feel jipped if it was YOU who didn’t create something. Creating something takes time, energy and intention. There is always a product when you create something and in this case it is love, intimacy and a connection. As God intended it, this wonderful thing that is created between a husband and a wife is something marvelous and other worldly. It is also in place to help to create the most precious thing of all: LIFE! What a great gift! To be able to participate in bringing souls to this earth!
So I can see why I could never seem to put sex and Godliness (or goodliness) together. Having sex, getting laid, are all about what YOU get. Making love is about creating something beautiful with the person you love the most.

Never Give Up

We have all hear this motto in our lives over and over again as a method of motivation for the self. While I see its merit, I would also like to propose a new motto:
How often when we have exhausted our efforts, tried everything we could and feel like we have no where left to go. This is when someone will advise you to not give up. But when you have nothing left, and you are encouraged to keep going, the best decision may not be made. This can often lead to any of us GIVING DOWN.
To GIVE DOWN could mean many things and will be personalized to you, your needs and your fears. Giving Down could mean giving into that fear, giving into base level needs over higher level needs, or giving into the temptations that Satan will put in your way.
I suggest, in these cases, to GIVE UP, as in, give your problems UP to God. You don’t have to hang onto those problems anymore. You don’t have to feel bad that you couldn’t solve it on your own. You don’t have to spend the little energy you have left to get this all figured out. Many times when we’ve reached our end, and say “I Give Up”, do we finally receive the answer we were working so hard to find.
This world will tell you that there will be a loss of self when you give up. I think the opposite can be true. Not only will you be able to gain back the energy you used up in the struggle to get to the solution, but you will begin to see more of the potential that Heavenly Father has always seen in you.
DON’T GIVE DOWN. Let Him help you.

Ant Farm – How the 10 Commandments Came About

So you decide to start up an ant farm. You make your own farm using wood as a base and panels of glass.  You fill it up with sand and nutrients and plants to grow on top of it. You start off with one male ant. While it was fun to watch him walk around your little farm, to get this project really going you are going to need to start breeding. One Queen ant later and life really picks up.
Everyday you walk by this project in your living room.  How proud it makes you feel to watch the ants grow and reproduce and build tunnels. Yes, building tunnels is good.  Not that you care.  They could be digging or not digging, doesn’t matter to you.  You are happy to let them do their own thing.
The plants at the top of the farm almost begin to overgrow when the ants discover that they can eat them. Within a day it seemed that they had learned how to forage, store and eat the extra foliage!  Wow!  How quickly they are learning!  And growing stronger and multiplying!
One weekend, you forgot to water the farm and half of the plants died. While this was of no consequence to you, as you could always buy more, it appeared to have affected the ants. It looks like they’ve taken one of their food storages and emptied it out on top of the ground. It too had dried up over the weekend and now they had even less food.  So you clean up the top level, water the farm and go to bed.
The next morning the ants seem to be back to normal with their regular productive behaviours.  Except that you notice that in the place of the burnt pile of leaves, they have built a pointy thing out of mud/clay. One by one, an ant would bring an egg from the Queen and drop it from a height, above this arrow, causing the eggs to break open and spill out everywhere.
You have no idea why they are doing this, but you realize you must find a way to communicate to them that certain things, like baby sacrifice, shouldn’t be done.  And while they’re at it, they need to stop trampling on their young and weak.  Frankly, you don’t even think they know about this ant on the right who is hoarding half the supply of food for himself!  You want them to have free will, I mean, it IS just an ant farm after all.  But, if you could make this life a little easier on them by giving them a few rules to live by…