What a shot! That would be a moment that would be hard to catch too! Way to go! Gorgeous!

leaf and twig

joy is the sustenance
the hungry heart seeks

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Ant Farm – How the 10 Commandments Came About

So you decide to start up an ant farm. You make your own farm using wood as a base and panels of glass.  You fill it up with sand and nutrients and plants to grow on top of it. You start off with one male ant. While it was fun to watch him walk around your little farm, to get this project really going you are going to need to start breeding. One Queen ant later and life really picks up.
Everyday you walk by this project in your living room.  How proud it makes you feel to watch the ants grow and reproduce and build tunnels. Yes, building tunnels is good.  Not that you care.  They could be digging or not digging, doesn’t matter to you.  You are happy to let them do their own thing.
The plants at the top of the farm almost begin to overgrow when the ants discover that they can eat them. Within a day it seemed that they had learned how to forage, store and eat the extra foliage!  Wow!  How quickly they are learning!  And growing stronger and multiplying!
One weekend, you forgot to water the farm and half of the plants died. While this was of no consequence to you, as you could always buy more, it appeared to have affected the ants. It looks like they’ve taken one of their food storages and emptied it out on top of the ground. It too had dried up over the weekend and now they had even less food.  So you clean up the top level, water the farm and go to bed.
The next morning the ants seem to be back to normal with their regular productive behaviours.  Except that you notice that in the place of the burnt pile of leaves, they have built a pointy thing out of mud/clay. One by one, an ant would bring an egg from the Queen and drop it from a height, above this arrow, causing the eggs to break open and spill out everywhere.
You have no idea why they are doing this, but you realize you must find a way to communicate to them that certain things, like baby sacrifice, shouldn’t be done.  And while they’re at it, they need to stop trampling on their young and weak.  Frankly, you don’t even think they know about this ant on the right who is hoarding half the supply of food for himself!  You want them to have free will, I mean, it IS just an ant farm after all.  But, if you could make this life a little easier on them by giving them a few rules to live by…

Wrestling With Russell’s Reasons – – 1

I am really attracted to the Questioning Christian. Maybe at some point in my life I will be able to listen to the Blind Faith Christian, but for now, it makes me feel good that others have questions or doubts and are seeking the answers. Like this person.

russell & pascal


Dear Russell & Friends,

Today begins an attempt to reply to Russell’s reasons for not following Christ.  The icon above is a Rembrandt circa 1659 entitled Jacob Wrestling with the Angel.  It depicts the biblical story from Genesis 32.  That story about Jacob’s life has always had meaning for me.  God allows us to, even encourages us to wrestle with him.  He did not create automatons and your intellect does matter.  I have wrestled with many things in faith.  Sometimes I win the match.  Sometimes I lose.  I always come out better for the struggle, and like Jacob, I still limp.  Russell and I talked yesterday and agreed on a general format for going forward.  I’ll try to reply to one reason each week.  As the reasons unfold you’ll see that we could spend a year on each one or even an academic career.  That is neither feasible nor desirable for…

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Stories you didn’t know were in the Bible – Episode 1

So these 4 handsome angels ascend from heaven in a sparkly dust, wearing only their wings. With one set of wings they fly and with the other set they cover their bodies. But, every now and then you get a little sneaky peak and it looks like a man’s hand underneath those wings! But really, are they men at all?  Instead of feet they have hooves, and instead of 1 head, they each have 4. One is a man, one is a lion, another an eagle and the last a goat. Each faces in a different direction. See this pic or this pic.  The 4 Cherubim always move in unison and always with their wings touching each other.  As they fly up and down it is noticeable that they all have a wheel at their “feet”.  And we are not talking about some sort of old school wooden wheel… we are talking Pimp My Ride sweet rims that keep spinning even if they are still.  In fact, they are spinning so much that they are creating sparks!

Of course, this was all in a vision had by Ezekiel.  Yes, Ezekiel.  Not all “great vengeance and furious anger” after all.  Some even see this event as much more sci-fi as in these depictions here and here.  But the funniest has to be this.

Stay tuned for more stories you didn’t know were in the bible, as told by RealBobbi.

Kitty Plays With The Chair

Awesome video of cat loving a chair!!

Diary of Dennis

It’s just some days ago when I uploaded a photo to my blog where I explained that my cat really likes to play with chairs. Today I will show you a video where she does it. However, the video is still a bad example as she does this usually much crazier. Anyway, it’s still funny to watch…

There are some strange sounds in the video as I was very close to my gaming computer and the fans were rotating fast as a game was running. They sound louder in the video than they actually are (I have a silent computer), it’s just that my smartphone microphone seems to be very sensitive to sounds anyhow. That makes the video a little bit annoying, but it’s anyway a short video.

Hope the sounds didn’t distract from the video content. But I’d say it’s a spontaneous snapshot video anyway.

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Red Carpet Aspirations

I once dreamed of going to California.
I saw the winter of mildness
And the open mindedness,
Even the hilliness, the silly-ness.
Some people keep asking why.
Do they really want me gone?
Do they really wanna know?
Why I didn’t go?
Where is your home?
Do you feel better now?
My cat kept me from the San Fran,
The sun, and warmth, and love,
The dreams of vein, of lame.
The spotlight provides enough love
To cover the elementary damage?
The sun still calls me down,
The sand still calls me down,
The dream still calls me down,
But subtle now.
The train’s a comin’ down.
So many destinations,
Destiny nations.